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Information for Captive Agents

Ohio Life and Health Solutions is not a licensed Property and Casualty agency. Since 1991, Ohio Life and Health Solutions’ focus has been to provide life and health insurance for those individuals who have difficulty obtaining either one or both of these types of policies. My goal in working with YOU is to assist you and your clients during the time of an unforeseen health crisis; a time, perhaps, when coverage through your company may simply not be feasible.

If, in the future, your company can underwrite these clients for life and health insurance, your ability to do so will have the full support of Ohio Life and Health Solutions. In the interim, I promise to serve your clients with the same kind of individualized care and attention to detail that you provide for them through home, auto, and additional insurance business policies.

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Client Testimonials:

I had cancer back in ’01. It was Melanoma on my back and was successfully removed with surgery. I shopped around and no health carriers would take me…

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— C.M. Westerville